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ACORD Forms : How to Complete an Auto ID Card 50

Automobile Insurance ID Card 50

The ACORD Automobile Insurance Identification Card (ACORD 50) is
accepted in the majority of states that require the insured to carry/produce upon demand proof of insurance.

The states where ACORD 50 is not acceptable are:
New Jersey
New York*
West Virginia

* Effective 1/1/02, the New York ID card must be issued by means of an encrypted bar coded software program available only from insurance companies. ACORD does not provide the ID card.

For the states listed above, refer to the State Forms section of this manual.
Specific ID cards are provided for each of these states except New York, and information about each ID card is provided.

Each completed ACORD 50 ID card should include the appropriate state title on the top line before "Insurance Identification Card."

The card is available in single sheets and two part sets to correspond with different states' specifications for the number of copies required to be produced.

Note that ACORD ID cards are intended to be the PERMANENT means of complying with state ID card requirements. Some states have different rules for TEMPORARY ID cards. Refer to individual state rules to determine if ACORD cards can be used, or if the carrier must issue its' own temporary cards.

Some states require additional wording and/or supplemental information when ACORD 50 is issued. Information on these states follows:

* ACORD 50 WM may also be used in all states where ACORD 50 is acceptable. This card contains a watermark (the word "ACORD") which is invisible when the form is photocopied. This feature helps to prevent fraudulent reproduction.

Special Provisions/State Exceptions to ACORD ID CARD
(ACORD 50).

Note: Unless otherwise noted below,the COMPANY NUMBER that must be shown on the card in any of the following states is the NAIC number for the individual company issuing the policy.

Add the following wording: "Policy provides the minimum insurance prescribed by law."

The COMPANY NUMBER in this state is the number assigned to the company by the Arizona DOT.

Add the following wording: "The policy meets the requirements of Section 16056 of the California Vehicle Code." The company address must be shown with the company name.

Must display the coverage required by law; BI, PD, PIP (effective 7/1/03, BI and PD only). Limits need not be stated.

Add the following wording: "Connecticut Insurance Card issued pursuant to Connecticut Law." This text should appear under the pre-printed words Insurance Identification Card. Issue in duplicate. Expiration date must be one year from effective date.

Title should read "Georgia Liability Insurance Information Card" instead of "Insurance Identification Card."

Title should be either Certificate of Liability or Liability Insurance Identification Card. Inclusion of "State of Idaho" is optional.

Add the following wording: "Examine policy exclusions carefully. This form does not constitute any part of your insurance policy."

Financial Responsibility filing only.

Either of the following must be shown in the space for AGENCY/COMPANY ISSUING CARD:
Name, address and phone number of insurer, or
Name of insurer and name, address and phone number of insurance agency.

Cannot be used by those vehicles subject to the State Corporation Commission.

Title should be "Maine Motor Vehicle Insurance Identification Card."
The following should also be added to the card (may be added to the reverse side): "The policy provides the minimum insurance required by law."

Plain language summary of sections 169.791, 169.793 and 169.797 of Minnesota law must accompany the card but does not have to be printed on card. The following language is advisory and can be modified:

"Every driver shall have in his or her possession while operating a motor vehicle, and shall produce on demand proof of insurance covering the vehicle being operated. Failure to produce the required proof of insurance can result in a misdemeanor conviction.

"It is unlawful for any person to display, cause or permit the display of, or have in possession proof of insurance that is fictitious or fraudulent.

In addition to criminal penalties, any person convicted of a misdemeanor because of any of the above is subject to drivers license revocation, and a fine of not less that $200."

Title: Nebraska Auto Liability.

Rhode Island
Add the following wording: "Policy meets Rhode Island limits."

South Carolina
Add the following wording: "Coverage meets SC minimum financial responsibility requirements."

South Dakota
Issue in duplicate. Title: Add the following wording: "Coverage provided by this policy meets the minimum liability limits prescribed by law."

Add the following wording: "An insurance policy has been issued that meets requirements of Tennessee Financial Responsibility law of 1977."

Title: "Vermont Automobile." Add the following wording: "Policy provides the minimum insurance prescribed by law."

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