Thursday, March 16, 2006


Forms Boss Plus is an ACORD forms software package that I wrote to help Insurance Agents save time and money. Back in 1993 when I started writing this package most agents were filling the many ACORD forms out by hand. What a nightmare!

But now, 13 years later we've automated so much of the forms process that our users are thrilled. They tell me office life just got a lot easier. We've spent thousands of man hours developing this ACORD forms program. I know the thousands of users appreciate it because they tell me so.

BTW: Most people searching on the net spell it wrong "ACCORD" (with 2 C's). ACORD is an acronym for Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development. I'll be honest I had to look that up :-)

I've developed two different versions of my ACORD app, one is browser based and the other is a desktop version. Click here to view my web site ACORD Forms.


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